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 BELOFORTE is the collaboration of founders Whitney Quaresma and Kevin Dorey. Both shared a vision in building a brand founded on their passion to creatively inspire people through a product while affecting positive change in their local and global community through sustainable practices. The BELOFORTE line is their assertion on activewear for the modern woman.

Founder & Creative Director, Whitney Quaresma grew up with a hunger for athletics and soon found herself excelling in a number of sports. It was through those disciplines she developed a strong awareness of herself and her body. Encouraged by her family to become a well-rounded individual, she also pursued her love of music and dance, where she compounded her intrigue in body movement, and how it can be one of the purest forms of self-expression and creativity.

In college she studied the mechanics of the human body and the importance of movement in one’s health, happiness and personal growth. Given her love of sport and training, she spent a lot of time in tights and running shorts, but Whitney was always enthralled with the high fashion looks of the runway. She loved the elegant silhouettes and artistic interpretations to apparel seen in the pages of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Her personal style transitioned from styled Nike by day to Balenciaga by night.

The second pillar of the business, Founder & Brand Director, Kevin Dorey anchors the label with his strong business savvy. Growing up in the majestic central coast of California, he found himself just as comfortable in the ocean and wooded hillsides of Big Sur as he did on the basketball court or baseball field. The discipline and work ethic honed in athletics coupled with the heart of an artist is the foundation for his entrepreneurial accomplishments. Confident in his instincts, Kevin drives the brand’s commitment to premium fabrics, quality tailoring, and a brand aesthetic that is uniquely BELO!

The label was born from the collaborative minds of its two founders. A brand built in the image of our Creative Director; BELOFORTE seeks to evolve artistic beauty with functionality and strength. Our name is derived from the Portuguese words for beauty & strength. BELOFORTE is an interpretation of apparel for women who want to exude those two traits. The brand is committed to crafting clothing for the woman whose confidence determines her style, and whose style defines her strength and beauty.


Whitney Quaresma | Kevin Dorey

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