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People: Joanne Encarnacion ~ @gofitjo

by: Kevin Dorey


“We need to teach our young women to choose bravery over perfection."

 One of our fundamental goals at BELO is to collaborate with women who inspire us. Joanne Encarnacion is someone who’s fitness journey has been relatable and highly motivational. She’s a mom, a wife, a workingwoman and a model for how to balance all of those things into a full-hearted life.

 Our favorite thing about Jo is that she bears her heart and her soul on her Instagram page. She posts beautiful images, but she supplements those images with thoughtful words about her own high points, low points and everything in between. She's a beautiful soul who is shining her light into the world. 

 Learn a little bit more about what makes her feel most confident & strong, what her idea of success means, and why 2016 is the year she’s going to conquer her fear of public speaking.

Follow Joanne on Instagram:  @gofitjo

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Where do you currently call home?

SF Bay Area is my home, more specifically San Jose (CA). 

 What’s your present state of mind? 

I would say that my present state of mind is a mash up of: drive, happy, and too blessed to be stressed, but sometimes sometimes stressed due to pressure.

 Favorite vacation spot? Or dream vacation destination?

My favorite vacation spot happens to be Hawaii and my dream vacation would be Santorini.

 Favorite fitness activity? 

I love a good HIIT circuit training or plyometric training. There is just something about the feeling of hard work and getting your butt kicked and kicking butt at the same time that makes you feel alive. 

 What makes you feel confident? Or when do you feel most confident?

A really incredible outfit, it doesn’t need to be overly sexy or overdone. Sometimes even a nice pair of joggers and cute sports bra top can make me feel confident. I feel the most confident when I’m free to be myself and to think for myself.

 What makes you feel strong? Or when do you feel strong?

Accomplishing tough mental challenges that I never thought I could take on. Sometimes these challenges are in my work life and sometimes they are during a workout, none the less I feel the strongest when I’m facing adversity and giving it my best to overcome my fears. 

 If you could have a billboard anywhere, where would it be and what would it say?

I would love my billboard to be in Time Square and it would have to say: “We need to teach our young women to choose bravery over perfection."

 What is success to you?

Success to me can be defined in so many incredible ways and has a tendency to evolve from different time periods in my life. But I think the ultimate success to me is when someone can live life at their highest frequency and potential. When a person can face their fears head on knowing that they may fail, but will still go for it anyways is success. Because to me a person who can show up and give life their all is a person who will always face adversity to reach success in their goals.

 Do you have a life motto?

I have plenty, but the one that I absolutely resonate with the most every day is: better than yesterday, stronger for tomorrow.

 Any personal goals for 2016?

To put myself out there more and to overcome my fears of public speaking.


| Sienna Lasercut Cropped Legging | Bethany Tank Top |

| Laila Punch Vest |

| Laila Punch Vest |

| Laila Punch Vest |

All photos by @encarnacionphotography