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Health is in Habit

by: Kevin Dorey

Your future is a result of the decisions you make today.


Your future is a result of the decisions you make today.

5 years ago, Kelia Crounse was modeling and hearing the unfortunately common comments about body image and weight. She was pressured to keep a very lean figure. But she desired a change. Kelia decided that she wanted to make a change for herself, her health and her own happiness.

She wanted to get strong. The daughter of a bodybuilder, Kelia told us a story about watching her mom train in their garage with metal weights on the concrete floor. She used to watch with wonder as her mom put in the work. As the weights would hit the concrete, sparks would fly off the barbells and in her mind, Momma Crounse was a super hero. 

Lucky for us, there was footage of Kelia 5 years ago at the moment when she decided to pursue her fitness journey. We loved this story and we wanted to elicit that internal high, clarity and focus that accompanies her work, while showing the fruits of her labor. Kelia is STRONG! In body and in mind. She got here by putting in a lot of hard work. And we certainly put her to work on this day, and she probably did 100 squats and deadlifts at 135 LBS. Not to mention kettle bell, ropes, medicine ball work. 

Strength lives in your heart! Tap into it. 

BELO Keila from Sarah Orbanic on Vimeo.