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BRAND: Finding the BELO look

by: Kevin Dorey

When we decided to create the BELOFORTE label, we consulted with a handful of advisors and friends to help shape our journey. One of the common themes we heard was ‘you should be able to define your creative direction and brand essence in one sentence.’ One sentence…got it. Easier said then done as it turned out.

Everyday we were working on the business, and at some point we’d sit down and try to write a tagline. Something that was going to describe the way BELO apparel looked, and felt. The way it would make our customers feel when they wore it. And every day it just didn’t sound right. It didn’t sound authentic. We were forcing it too much when one day we decided to just forget about it. We wanted to simplify our focus, and follow our hearts in designing. We wanted to focus on the reason we started this company, and put our efforts into making great products.

Today, we still don’t have a tagline. We’re okay with that. We’ll probably pursue a creative direction that is less confined than most anyway. Instead we have a commitment. We are committed to making high quality garments that dare to be bold. We are committed to making clothes that carry a modern look that is both sexy and chic. Much like the women who wear us, and the brand name that guides us, we want the apparel to blend beauty and strength.

But since everyone wants to try and define a brand in one sentence...

Apparel for the modern woman whose confidence determines her style, and whose style defines her strength and beauty